Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy time of year!

I have not yet finished a full report from the World Series of Birding yet, but that should be posted within the next week. I just attended the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology meeting, for which I will also post a report soon.

As a result of these birding activities, I have had very little time to bird around the property. This afternoon, after returning home from the PSO meeting, I birded around the yard a bit. Very few birds, although I did find a female Bobolink in the field. I have never seen Bobolinks in my field before, and considering the female's behavior, this bird may be nesting!

Here are some photos from my afternoon birding stroll:

female BOBO:

female Bobolink

female Bobolink

young male American Redstart:

young male American Redstart

Rosy Maple Moth (if identification is wrong, please let me know):

Rosy Maple Moth

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