Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Birds in Flight

Since fall migration is the time to study birds in flight, I am posting a few more photos of birds flying. The species illustrated below were photographed during the past two days.

American Goldfinches are very numerous right now. Their flight pattern and flight calls make then fun to watch.

When flying directly above, goldfinches are more difficult to recognize, but the short, forked tail and yellow color give it away.

Purple Finches are also fairly easy to identify based on their distinctive flight call.

After their long nocturnal migration, warblers (like this Black-throated Green) are commonly seen flying over (looking for food) for a few hours after sunrise. A good look or a decent photograph can sometimes allow identification.

Eastern Bluebirds are very common and are commonly seen flying over in loose groups.

Eastern Phoebes, one of the most common summer flycatchers, become harder to find in the fall. However, they are commonly seen by those looking to the sky.

Eastern Kingbirds become very numerous during late summer and early autumn. They often congregate in large groups which move around during the morning.

During migration, there is always the possibility of finding an unusual bird. While watching the sky this morning, I saw this Olive-sided Flycatcher. Olive-sided Flycatchers are fairly uncommon and are exciting to find.

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Drew said...

Nice Olive-sided pic.