Friday, February 18, 2011

Signs of Spring

This time of year, many people are searching for a sign that spring is near. In my yard, there are three easy ways to tell if spring is near: Turkey Vultures begin to fly, flowers begin to bloom, and American Woodcocks begin their territorial "singing". I witnessed all three of those today. First, the vultures. For most of the day, small groups of Turkey and Black Vultures sailed over the yard, rocking back and forth in the glorious sun. Second, the flowers. As the snow melted away, the flowers of Winter Aconite appeared. These bright yellow flowers (native to Europe) are always the first to bloom and brighten an otherwise dull landscape. And finally, the woodcocks. After the sun had set, my mom came to the door and mentioned that she may have heard a displaying woodcock. I grabbed my boots and headed outside to listen. Sure enough, a woodcock called--peent. Before long, several American Woodcocks were calling from the damp, muddy field.

Although the temperatures are supposed to dip again for the next few days, I hope that these signs are not just teasing us.

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