Sunday, November 8, 2009

winter birding

Here is some information about winter birding...

Ron Pittaway's Winter Finch Forecast basically says that no big irruptions will occur this year. Which means no large numbers of these:

Pine Siskins

or these:

Christmas Bird Counts are always enjoyable and I encourage birders to get involved with them, as well as other counts.

Here is a list of some winter birding events through the end of the year in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas:

-Lehigh Valley Audubon Christmas Bird Count (centered around Trexlertown)-December 19

-Wild Creek-Little Gap Christmas Bird Count (centered around Kunkletown)-December 20

-Bethlehem-Easton-Hellertown Christmas Bird Count (centered around Bethlehem)-December 26

-Merrill Creek Christmas Bird Count (centered around Merrill Creek, NJ, but encompasses parts of Pennsylvania)-December 27

And finally, I thought I'd share the incredible sunrise we had in Kunkletown recently:

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