Monday, November 16, 2009

holding on

The daylight is getting shorter and shorter, the temperature only reaches the 40's, even though the sun shines all day long. Starting about a month ago, the reasons mentioned above kept most of the flying insects away. I thought that October would be the last time that I would see the butterflies until late March when the bravest lepidopterans would emerge once again. But yesterday proved me wrong, the butterflies and dragonflies were flying about!

While the diversity was not nearly what one might expect in July or August, I was quite surprised by the insects. Several small red dragonflies, Autumn Meadowhawks (also known as Yellow-legged Meadowhawks) were sitting on a south-facing side of the house and in nearby trees, warming up from the sun.

And at one point some butterflies, an Orange Sulphur and an Eastern Comma, joined the party:

I got a treat before the long, hard winter begins.

I can't wait until spring.

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