Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Open House

Today the Lehigh Gap Nature Center ( held its annual Holiday Open House. The afternoon started with an activity led by Bill and Loraine Mineo. As organic farmers, the Mineos prefer to grow plants naturally and make things out of natural materials. At the open house, the Mineos taught the open house attendants how to make wreaths.

The Mineos brought several types of evergreens to make the wreaths:

Branches of white pine and cedars were then woven through twisted grape vine to create a base for the wreath:

Wreath-makers also had the opportunity to add decorations to their wreaths:

After 45 minutes of weaving branches, beautiful wreaths started to emerge:

After making the natural wreaths, a few participants created bird feeders using peanut butter and gray birch logs:

Thank you to everyone who helped out and brought things (especially the cookies) for the open house.

As I write this, there are three inches of snow on the ground and the flakes are still falling...

Happy Holidays!

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